Dear Yarn Harlot...

Dear beloved Yarn Harlot (Blog),

I love your books!! So much so that even though you just released "All Wound Up" you've got to write another ASAP because I read through it like a demon and now have nothing further to read (other than your previous books that don't count because...because I said so). Even though your books make me look like a crazed lunatic because I'm laughing out loud we've formed a special bond. A bond that if broken might result in bodily harm to those around me if I don't get my fix! Ha! Seriously folks, this was hilarious!! A great read at home or on the go and small enough to fit in your purse! LOVE IT!!

I am now onto her previous book (I know I'm late to the game). It's full of the same witty humor and it's a fun book to read that all knitters can relate too! I hope that she comes to Dallas again soon, she was here recently but my boss for some strange reason does not consider knitting a good excuse to miss work. Hmmm we'll have to work on that one! Ha! :)

Stacy and I have a knitting appointment with mama Marcia and we are on a mission to get the next project rolling!! :) I'm excited and the yarn we're using is GORGEOUS!! I hate that they are no longer carrying it at my LYS but at least all is not's still being produced for enablers er yarn stores around the country!

Happy Knitting!!

5..4...3...2...1... Happy New Years!!!

I don't know about you all, but I am so looking forward to the New Year!

A new beginning for all things, a time for wiping the slate clean, of letting go of loves lost, reflecting on the year blessings of support and finding my independence. After all I am my mother's child, you have grit she would tell me, you are stronger than you think! Thanks were right...

As I look back in reflection I feel blessed for where I stand in this moment! Stronger, healthier and ready to take on a new year! I can't wait to begin an exciting new year with family and friends, with many good things to come!

My New Years resolution...improve self: become more organized, be more independent, perhaps take a trip, reflect more....say less! I'm sure this list will grow but hopefully I accomplish all that I have resolved for!

What are your New Years Resolutions? What do you say we keep them together!

Glory to God in highest heaven,
Who unto man His Son hath given;
While angels sing with tender mirth,
A glad new year to all the earth.
~Martin Luther

Christmas Food Coma

Well Christmas has come and gone but there's definitely still a hint of celebration in the air as the new year closes in. I hope everyone had as great of a Christmas as our family did. We drank, opened gifts, ate until we couldn't see straight, rinsed and repeated!

In the spirit of Christmas my husband and I are trying to come up with a few traditions to bring to our own little family. Jim's mom makes this amazing fruitcake and it's quickly becoming a holiday repeat! I know what some of you are thinking. Blech FRUITCAKE!!?? I was once like you...that is before I tasted my MIL's delicious fruitcake. None of that neon colored fruit or petrified nuts in this recipe! LOL Everything is fresh and it was so popular at our traditional Christmas eve party, that I'm getting requests for the recipe now.

Have I told you how much I LOVE Ginger Snaps?? Well I do and butter and molasses...but that's another story, I digress. As a wedding present we received a recipe that had long been coveted and cherished over the years. Jim's childhood friend's mom..phew...has been making these cookies since they were very young and has been one of his favorite memories growing up.  Now that we've got the recipe I think we've discovered a new family tradition that will not be disappearing anytime soon!! YUM!!

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and enjoyed your families traditions...all while roasting like chestnuts in front of the fire! Til Next year, happy eating...and knitting!!

Swatching Report...

This Christmas while everyone is striving for a big finish in their gift knitting I will be swatching something for moi! :) I'm not brave enough or experienced enough to knit gifts for anyone...maybe in a few years when I have better technique. Right now, I'd only feel paranoid that whomever was on the receiving end would gape in horror as they opened their present thinking to themselves...this is it? Bahaha! Meanwhile I'd have spent hours upon hours working on thanks!! I salute all the brave knitters out there who give of their knitting...I personally would be honored by such a gift! So for now I am going to swatch for this beauty! For the yarn I'm using Lana Grossa Bolero in 014 Marin Blue.

Ravelry Link Here
On another note, my MIL mama Marcia was in town and she has finished her squirrel sweater! GORGEOUS!! If I wasn't a well behaved and proper lady I might have snagged it right from her shoulders but alas, I adore her so I wouldn't do such a thing....would I? All joking aside it was amazing and she did a beautiful job on it!! I think it's my favorite of everything I've seen her do...however, I must add I've not seen her closet so I'm sure I could pick a number of beauties! Maybe one day I will tackle some colorwork and make my own set of squirrels.

Ravelry Link Here
Marcia did hers in Classic Elite Vail in Grey...double stranded...softest yarn I've ever felt in my short lil life. If I never knit this cardigan I'm definitely knitting something else with this yarn!

Happy Christmas Knitting!! :)

Christmas Mantle Wonders

Decorating for Christmas is the perfect time to explore one's creativity. I'm never quite sure what each year will look like and this year I am definitely in the crafting mood! In an effort to get creative I browsed through lots of Christmas decor on Pinterest!

Just look at these fabulous mantles!



Checkout this front entry way! If only I had this red door!


Everywhere you look Christmas is all around us! Happy Holiday's to all you crafty kids out there!


Gingher Scissors!!!

I never knew these beauties existed until Marcia introduced us to all that is Gingher! How stunning these beautiful scissors are! So hard for me to want to even take them out of the box, just look at all the details and colors!

Last year she so sweetly gifted both my sister and I a pair and this year we were once again delighted with another amazing pair! How wonderfully thoughtful!

I have since taken them out of their box and yes gasp used them a gazillion times but never without great care to put them back in their box! Look how beautiful they are!! Thanks Marcia for such a beautiful gift, we are so blessed to have such an amazing teacher in all that is knitting!

Knitted Home Decor

One day I hope to have a house, in this economy now is the time to buy! While I dream of home ownership another joy is constantly in mind. Decorating said lovely home of course! What do you think of some of these fabulous knits made for the home!

Aren't these beautiful lamps! Can you imagine how romantic this room must be?

Santinha - Casas Possíveis

How cozy does this look! I want to jump right in and snuggle!

79 Ideas

Perhaps Rooster might like a bed too?

By Drew Emborsky

Or even a rug on for those cold hard wood floors during winter?

Rag Doily Knitted Rug

Where can you find knitted pleasures in your home?