An Early Thanksgiving

Mmmmm....STUFFFINGGGG!! It's my FAVORITE part of Thanksgiving and no other recipe will do other than my mothers! I'm sure we all feel that way about a a traditional family dish that's been around for ages. It's the one we can't go without during the holidays and would be sorely missed if it ever disappeared from the table.

As Thanksgiving approaches, I think of how extremely blessed and greatful I am to even have these traditions! I love my family and am looking forward to getting together around the dinner table and sharing what we're most thankful for this year and what we look forward to in the next! This year we're gathering around the table early because the hubby and I are celebrating this years Thanksgiving with his side of the family in Oklahoma! I'm very excited to see everyone and still trying to decide what little decorations transport easily to help set the table there as well as working for our early Thanksgiving dinner with my side of the family. This beautiful table struck my fancy so I'm thinking to re-create its look for our table!

What holiday traditions does your family enjoy? Any special dishes or decorations that you can't live without this time of year? I love the holidays!!

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