Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween everybody!! We hope you all have a very safe and scary evening ahead! We are going to be passing out candy to the wee-ones and enjoying all the costumes that come by the house!! I am still slacking in the costume department and will be making it up as I go! We can't have all these fantastic costumes come by without a properly dressed door keeper! I'm thinking something with whiskers at this late hour...ack...I know! LOL

I've seen a lot of cute Halloween knits over the weekend! I'm loving all these knitted costumes I'm seeing everyone put together! Check out this website that has a collection on display!! How adorable are these little ones! Nom Nom Nom!! Just want to eat em' all up! Precious!!  

Website Found Here
Happy Halloween!! Stay Safe and SCARY!!

Swatching Inspiration!

I don't know about you but I'm so bad about swatching before any of my knitting projects...I know it's something I need to do but it's soooo hard to be disciplined about it. I'm so excited to start the project itself I completely skip the swatching and it's full steam ahead in blind faith it's all going to work out! I have been lucky so far but by the looks of some of the projects I'm about to take on, I think I should do something about my sad state of discipline.

I've been online searching for some creative ways to display these up and coming swatches and found some great ideas from many of my fellow knitters. I'm especially in love with Ysolda's swatch board; the fabric is so much fun and I think I'm seeing a craft store in my near future. 

Ysolda Teagues Swatch Board

I can imagine with as much designing as Ysolda does that she's surrounded by billions upon billions of swatches. Having a board makes it easier to see the design and the way the fabric is going to match up to that design. The board is so cute, it almost makes me look forward to swatching for new projects....notice how I said almost! LOL

Tuesday Mornings...

I am LOVING this cooler weather and the smell of burning fire places! Yesterday evening was so nice, my parents, sis and I decided we would go out to dinner. The hubby was meeting a friend of his so he wasn't able to come and was missed but we had such a nice dinner. It was nice to get the family together for relaxing conversation and great food. Afterwards we walked over to a local Tuesday Morning and to my surprise on the crafting isle there in a cubbie space was Louisa Harding yarn!! SCORE!!!

Now, I totally did NOT need another scrap of yarn...but let's face it when the skeins are $3.99 where normally they are $8.00 who can resist!! Not only did they have Louisa Harding but they also had Araucania for $6.00 which is half the price it usually is.

I was a goner...I scooped up every piece and marched straight to the register but not before grabbing a nearby quilting pattern for $2.99. I love me some Tuesday Morning! I plan on stopping by all 4 in my area! LOL :) Maybe there are yet to be found woolies that are in need of a good home!

Enjoy the weather and happy knitting!!

Comfy Cozy

I love a good reading/knitting spot! Since fall and cooler weather have arrived I've been able to sit with my Riley boy out on our front porch. For a small area I think I've fit the perfect chair for both of us to be able to cozy up into.

When fall comes around my dad always puts up a display in the front yard to celebrate the coming of fall, Thanksgiving and all things pumpkin! He helped me build a replica to remind me of home isn't it cute? Sweet Dad! He even glued paint stir sticks together to make a fence and painted them white!

A little blanket action and a good book make this the perfect spot for a relaxing afternoon! Do you have a favorite spot?


I love that I am always finding inspiration everywhere! Craft fairs and antique shops have always been a great way to find some pretty amazing creations that I wouldn't normally find in the average shopping mall. The best part....taking these wonderful crafts and making tiny tweaks of my own to add a personal touch...plus who doesn't love a good project!

This weekend was no exception! I found some adorable crafts that are so easy to make but are big in the impact department and I can't wait to get started! Take a look!

I love the natural look of this Thanksgiving banner, burlap is such an amazing fabric and gives that old world, romantic feeling to just about anything. What message would you incorporate on your banner? I can just imagine a soft welcome to a new bundle of joy or a wonderful message in celebration of two newlyweds!

Another great find! These wreaths are simple and elegant! Perfect for any season really! My wonderfully talented mom is gonna help me put together one of these beauties very soon! I love that she is able to teach me so many techniques!

One of my favorite things about these wreathes are the gold lettering and I'm hoping we can construct a way in which I can switch them out depending on the occasion...like Love for Valentines Day, Home for every other day and maybe something cute like Believe or Cheer for Christmas! What do you think?

I found these adorable felties! So sweet and perfect for Christmas! Before you say it I know its still Halloween but when I came across these cuties I just had to post!

Penguin Sweaters

Knitters are some of the most giving people I have ever seen and heard of. I've met many fantastic ladies at my LYS and it continues to amaze me the lengths taken to help others in need with our skill. I just read an article on MSN.com reporting an oil spill in New Zealand. The spill has devestated many small penguins among other bird species in the area after a container ship ran aground near the east coast of the country's North Island. Skeinz a local yarn shop in the area called on all knitters to help these tiny birds keep warm and keep from pruning their contaminated feathers! AMAZING!! Just look at these turtle-necked cuties, their plight is such a sad one when something like this happens.

If you're looking to support this cause, you can find specifications as well as an address to send your adorable and helpful creations, here. Thank you MSN.com and Skeinz for bringing attention to such a worthy cause!

Happy Knitting!!

Cheesy Potatoes

I love me some carbs yall...they are so delicious and lets face it not really nutritious the way I like em!

I found this deliciousness on Tasty Kitchen not to long ago and just had to try them so last night I treated my sister to a test of my culinary skills.

Scalloped Hasselback Potatoes by Shelbi Keith
As you can see...mine are not as pretty as the above...but still ooey gooey delicious! I will definitely be making these tasty carbs again soon! Everyone lets now say a prayer for my love handles...thank you very much now please pass the cheese!

Weekend Warrior

I was a busy girl this weekend for sure! My parents, cousin and I went to downtown McKinney, TX. They have one of the oldest and thriving historic downtowns in Texas and with so many adorable and unique shops to explore this makes me one happy girl! Just look what I found inside one of the antique shops! A sweet little gathering of yarns!

Of course with so many yarns at home I had to forgo any purchases but it was so nice to be able to squish some beautiful yarn!

By the way I have used up some of this yarn I swear! See what I mean...guess what is nearing completion! Yes that beautiful Plymouth sweater I've been knitting on for way too long! Take a look....I finally binded off on the last piece last night!

All I have to do now is sew up the arms, thread the button and because I'm new to this knitting sweaters thing sew in some safety netting on my bind offs. Though its prolly not necessary I feel like it will give clean edges and keep my ends from unraveling in cases of mini mistakes! This yarn is so soft and beautiful its gonna keep this TX girl cozy in what is now starting to be fall weather! yay!

Here is a close up of the yarn color!

PS Riley loved the sweater can you tell?


Howl - O - Ween

I confess Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love seeing all the cute kiddos dressed up and enjoying themselves as they fill their buckets to the brim with candy. The awesome aroma that fills the house with autumn baking, the seasons vegetables from the local farmers market and heading out to the pumpkin patch to pick out that perfect pumpkin to carve.

Last year I made my husband carve a pumpkin with me and he had a blast. He had so much fun he wanted to carve another one!! You know guys...he was determined that he could carve the coolest pumpkin anyone had ever seen. So cute that hubby of mine!! I still have the mental picture of his determined look and tongue half out as he carved. It's definitely something I want to see again this year and I WILL beat him at his own carving game folks! LOL  As I was scrolling along for ideas I came across this awesome display of woolie carvings! How cool are these pumpkins...I just might have to start practicing!

Happy Carving!!

Rainy Days...

We've been catching up on rain these last few days in Dallas, TX and with that being said there has been plenty of time to catch up on some knitting time...er shopping...er stash busting. I spied these beautiful babies on sale at my LYS and thought they would make a gorgeous cardigan. It's hard to tell from the photos but it's a stunning shimmering steal grey.

I've heard through the grapevine that the yarn itself once knitted doesn't lay all that beautifully. I've also heard that a quick steam in the shower or by iron will straighten it right up!! This is good news seeing as how I've already fallen in love and haven't even begun deciding which pattern I'll be using yet! I've got a few options...but I'm really eyeing this delicate little thing...

Pattern Found Here on Ravelry

This will be an awesome cardigan to wrap up in when you find yourself slightly chilled but not cold enough to throw on a full blown sweater...this color is gorgeous as well, but alas I've already fallen in love with another...grey!

Happy Knitting Everybody!!

Danger Crafts!

Have you ever seen anything cuter in your life!! I HAVE to have one!! It's a total need and everyone knows how much I love birds. Would it be hard to imagine that I'd need to knit one of these sweet lil things!?
Found Here on Ravelry
Rebecca Danger has created these adorable lil chirps along with tons of other animal friends for your little one! Being a beginner in the knitting world I can imagine this might be a bit challenging but I am very confident I can create a masterpiece. Just look at Greta the Captivating Cat!
I can't resist, and what a wonderful gift during the holidays to share with family and friends! She even has a tail! To find out more about these adorable goodies visit Danger Crafts, Rebecca's fabulous store!

 Quick get your needles!


I unsuspectingly asked my sis to help me find something to wear for my blind date that night!

"Oh yeah absolutely", she says "I think I even have a cute shirt for you to wear and while you're at it come pick up Riley I took him for a walk since you were gone."

I walk innocently through the door, turn to talk to my Rooster (aka Riley) when one very tall and sneaky Brother-In-Law scared the daylights out of me, "BOO!" while poking me in my shoulder from behind!

I agree Riley it scared the living daylights out of me! The scream that came from the depths within however caused hysterical laughter amongst my sister and her trickster husband Jim! They claimed I had no reaction from the outside other than screaming far longer than necessary! I disagree, I about fell to the floor...or froze depending on how you look at it! Still I think I said something about payback and crawled out the front door to the safety of my own home! ha! I will get them, and their horse dog too! I will now attempt to carry out this plan of payback...as soon as I think of something clever!

Happily Ever After

One year ago, I watched Mr. and Mrs. Webster say I do! What an amazingly special day it was!

Tracy and Jim it was an honor to stand beside both of you as you joined hands as one. Congratulations on your first year of marital bliss!

Remember as you take each other’s hand each day that love is what makes the ride worthwhile. If there is such a thing as a good marriage, it is because it resembles friendship rather than love alone.  It is my greatest wish for the two of you that through the years this love for each other will so deepen and grow.

Never be too old to hold hands, always remembering to say "I love you" at least once a day and never go to sleep angry as they say. I pray you both take each day and cherish your time together. Let your faith guide your lives with a measure of God's grace, this is what keeps love strong.

May all the precious moments that set this day apart, stay with you long after as keepsakes of the heart....and often through the future may you relive in thought, the very many pleasures this happy day has brought! Congratulations to my two favorite siblings! 

Outlet Mall Mania

It's been raining all weekend but I have to tell you it didn't dampen our spirits in the least! My mom, sis and I were shopping fools! The outlet mall was definitely calling our names so of course we obliged! Just look at my fabulous find!

I've needed a place to stash my yarn and when I came upon this beautiful piece I just couldn't resist! It's thin enough to put against my hallway wall and holds every bit of my yarn stash (seriously this is a miracle in its own right)!  Before my new favorite piece I had piles and piles just sitting in the corner, now I have organization and it feels so good! How do you stash your yarn?

Moose Tracks

Remind me to thank my wonderful sister and brother-in-law Jim for leaving last nights moose track ice cream in my freezer (expect tomorrows jeans to be a bit snug)!

I'm supposed to be on a treadmill....I'm supposed to be forgoing all things ooey gooey! But remind me to thank these guys for leaving last nights moose tracks in my freezer!

Soooo....since I'm going to ignore the torture machine of a treadmill...we will craft!!

I called this amazing lady (Hi Mom)!

and we sewed....

and we sewed....

until at last! Isn't she a beauty!

Mom came over and taught us a thing or two on this lovely machine! Turns out  I can sew in a straight line! I'm so proud of our very first pillow! Thank you Moose Tracks for feeding my crafty needs!

Loose Ends...

It still completely amazes me how you can turn a ball of yarn into a sweater. It doesn't matter that I've already knitted this pattern not twice but three times folks! It's a top down cardigan and it was the first pattern I ever followed. This version is done in Plymouth, Baby Alpaca Ampato. The color is a rich jewel tone and absolutely stunning! It's knitting up beautifully and will no doubt keep me warm in the coming months.

I'm really looking forward to getting this one finished...seems like as a newbie it always takes me forever to finish anything I'm working on. Hopefully by mid-october I'll have binded this baby off and have it blocked and ready to wear soon!

I'm also working on a sweater...that I've been working on oh....for about 4 months now. I've procrastinated working on this and I'm not sure why? I think I'm in the mood to work on something that wouldn't take a whole year to finish!! It's beautiful and the detailing in the sleeves is going to be really gorgeous when its finished! I've just divided for the body am trucking along as I get the urge.

Pattern Found Here on Ravelry
The yarn I chose for this sweater is from the Louisa Harding Aimee line in a beautiful rich blue. It's been great to knit with and so far I really love the texture and drape of the sweater.

Happy Knitting!!


For our big 30 we got the most amazing gift from our mother. She was looking back through the cedar chest and decided it would be lovely to put together a similar gathering of items just for the two of us. Something so we could each look back and remember all the sweet memories of our childhood!

The morning of our birthday we were both given two boxes, each holding our own mementos. So exciting, I love looking back...I had the most amazing childhood anyone could ever have dreamed of. So many beautiful family moments! I opened the box... DOG!! (I was very creative in his name as you can see) oh how adorable! Inside my mother had put together a binder of  precious pictures, certificates and little tinkerings of memories made along the way.

To boot she had put our beloved belongings in beautiful decorative boxes! What an amazing way to be able to cherish happy memories and still make them apart of your everyday home. Cause lets face it I love dog but he doesn't quite go with the motif!

Here they sit upon my armoire in my living room and each time I look up I remember just what's in there and all the wonderful memories yet to be made! So sweet! Thanks Mom, you truly are the best!

Among Friends

I spent Saturday morning cleaning the mess I call a home, so later in the afternoon I thought I'd treat myself to some yarn goodies and lunch with friends!! We headed to our local LYS where my girlfriend picked up this really nifty sweater stone. It's a natural stone that removes those annoying little bits from your sweaters and hand knits. It works like a charm and is definitely worth it's weight in gold for saving some of those older knits that you just can't let go of yet!!

I also picked up these beauties!

Rendezvous 9

This beautiful yarn is made in Italy. I loved all the different textures this yarn provides (Polyamide, Wool and Polyester oh my). I think it will make for an unbelievable scarf or wrap!

Louisa Harding Impression

This yarn is a Louisa Harding special! So soft and delicate. I'm thinking a nice scarf for mom since the weather is cooling down. She'll love it!! What do you think?