Moose Tracks

Remind me to thank my wonderful sister and brother-in-law Jim for leaving last nights moose track ice cream in my freezer (expect tomorrows jeans to be a bit snug)!

I'm supposed to be on a treadmill....I'm supposed to be forgoing all things ooey gooey! But remind me to thank these guys for leaving last nights moose tracks in my freezer!

Soooo....since I'm going to ignore the torture machine of a treadmill...we will craft!!

I called this amazing lady (Hi Mom)!

and we sewed....

and we sewed....

until at last! Isn't she a beauty!

Mom came over and taught us a thing or two on this lovely machine! Turns out  I can sew in a straight line! I'm so proud of our very first pillow! Thank you Moose Tracks for feeding my crafty needs!

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