Weekend Warrior

I was a busy girl this weekend for sure! My parents, cousin and I went to downtown McKinney, TX. They have one of the oldest and thriving historic downtowns in Texas and with so many adorable and unique shops to explore this makes me one happy girl! Just look what I found inside one of the antique shops! A sweet little gathering of yarns!

Of course with so many yarns at home I had to forgo any purchases but it was so nice to be able to squish some beautiful yarn!

By the way I have used up some of this yarn I swear! See what I mean...guess what is nearing completion! Yes that beautiful Plymouth sweater I've been knitting on for way too long! Take a look....I finally binded off on the last piece last night!

All I have to do now is sew up the arms, thread the button and because I'm new to this knitting sweaters thing sew in some safety netting on my bind offs. Though its prolly not necessary I feel like it will give clean edges and keep my ends from unraveling in cases of mini mistakes! This yarn is so soft and beautiful its gonna keep this TX girl cozy in what is now starting to be fall weather! yay!

Here is a close up of the yarn color!

PS Riley loved the sweater can you tell?


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