The Festival of Fall

I love Texas but where is my sweater weather?!! I'm aching to wear big cozy sweaters...maybe a leg warmer or two!? With more and more knitting to be done I know I will have plenty of days to show off my beginner skills. After all additions to ones wardrobe are never a bad thing! Not to mention my favorite time of year FALL!!

It isn't just the beautiful weather or the fact that all my beginning projects as a knitter will finally get some great use. It's the the changing of the leaves and the vibrant colors, warm cups of coffee, the smell of a burning firewood against the cool weather, pumpkin patches and gatherings with family and friends. So many wonderful memories fill my senses! I remember as a child, even now, my family going to the local farmers market, tons of pumpkins, sweet corn, veggies galore and hay stacks towering tall above me. A child's dream come true! This year is no exception even though I am grown I still anticipate the coming seasons of holidays and cooler weather and I can't wait to relive my childhood spirit among the leaves! What are your favorite fall memories?

Buddies You and Me....

As I watch my silly pup Riley and his buddy Milo (affectionately called Moose) romp around my living room I can't help but smile. Milo is definitely winning the tug-of-war (PS I'm so sorry your ear got ripped of Mr. Lamb) and Riley is doing his best to keep up!

Let me just tell you when your a mini Aussie and your playmate is a 70 lb beast seriously a can be a little tough to win the game. Oh but do we try! Riley's little paws are scrapping floor as he tugs and pulls. You would think it was a serious battle until you look over at Moose and he is just standing there not a care in the world gently holding the would be prize between his ginormous teeth!

Milo of course doesn't want the toy he only wants to play with his brother! Since Moose was a pup they've pretty much been inseparable! So sweet! I don't know if they would know what to do without their partner in crime!


A Serious Unraveling!

HELP!! Fix this unraveling mess! I can't even begin to tell you how upsetting it is to finally get the sleeves done on your sweater only to drop several stitches transferring the needles! Eek I thankfully was able to transfer some very tight stitches over to a larger needle however there are now several places where some of the stitching just couldn't be saved!

I will definitely be taking it to my nearest collection of knitting geniuses at the Woolie Ewe! They have helped me fix several disasters on my first sweater and I couldn't have been more thankful! I'm only hoping I didn't make too much of a mess that it can't be saved. Either way I will press on and a few involuntary button holes never hurt anyone!

More encouraging news can be announced! I've finally gotten the sleeves divided on my Spring Garden Tee!

It's an interesting piece to knit for a beginner but thankfully Marcia, my wonderful mother in law and expert knitter, is here to save the day! We have wonderful knitting dates where although she is all the way in Oklahoma and we are in Texas she can actually read us the pattern OVER THE PHONE. That's right over the phone, thank you technology! I know I know we should learn to read patterns too, but come on its a great excuse to get in some great company and enjoy the lovely craft of knitting! This way when she visits I can show her all the progress we've made together! Plus when my wonderful Hubby is gawking at all the yarn I have stashed Marcia and I can giggle at the monster she has created! ;) Yay for my favorite teacher!

Who me? Indulge....Absolutely!

I don't usually indulge but for our 30th birthday I decided I had to get my sister this beauty right here! ok ok and while I was at it I happened to accidentally order one for myself too! What? Can you blame me?

JaMpdx makes this beautiful bowl for your yarn. Let me tell you the pictures just don't do this amazing bowl justice. Its' soft lavender grey color makes for a beautiful addition to any knitters wish list! I found this wonderful shop on Etsy (you know the enabler of all things handmade and crafty) the artists you ask, Jenn and Meghan, two friends who create beautiful pieces that you can use every day, they sell much more than just yarn bowls so take a look around! Can you tell I'm a fan :) Plus its perfect for storing WIPs and keeping any naughty furkids from getting too familiar with your precious yarn balls...yes RILEY this means you!!

Speaking any of your furkids get jealous of your knitting habits? Riley has taken to sitting on my knitting bag and when I do manage to pry it out from under him, he stares at me as if his sheer willpower will make the needles disappear! Oh how I love you Riley boy...don't you know mommy is knitting you a sweater?

To Stash or Bust The Stash...That Is The Question!?

Being a newbie I don't have quite the stash that many of my fellow, more experienced knitters do but can't resist the goodness of a new yarn, ok maybe a few bundles of them...can you blame me? Every time I walk into my local LYS, I get the need to pick up as many yarns as possible, shelves of beautiful, colorful yarn staring back at me! I call it enabling! Ooh look how soft! What could I make with this?

It's as if I can’t remember that I bought new yarn last week, yesterday actually or that I have so many projects already going, how in the world could I need more yarn! I have reasoned with myself many times…no now look you just bought that delicious yarn…..

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (Peacock)

to make your gorgeous new wrap...found here at Ravelry

You don’t need more yarn but but… it’s calling my name…never mind that you are on a yarn diet young lady! I admit….I bought more yarn….you know you did too! Even though we have so much yarn in our stashes a knitter can never resist the urge to yarn overdose! How big is your stash? I know mine is bursting at its creative seams!


When my sister first came to me with the idea of starting up a hobby never in my wildest dreams would I have imaged knitting would be her first suggestion! "Come on", she says..."it would be a great hobby! It's relaxing, exciting, crafty and rewarding! I promise once you try it you'll love it!"

Now I admit the thought of knitting provoked fears of comparisons to tiny grandma's in rocking chairs...little balls of yarn at their feet...blankets on their laps. Boy have things changed! There's a million different types of fibers and gorgeous colors...oh the colors!! I was overwhelmed and in LOVE!

OK I'll give it a shot I said, but don't expect me to be knitting sweaters anytime soon. I could never be that good. 6 Months later and I'm almost finished with my first cardigan! I'm excited and love the top down construction and LOVE the Plymouth Baby Alpaco Ampato I've chosen for the project!

In The Beginning...There Was A Pattern

Being an over eager beginner, the first project I ever took on was a top down cardigan from Plymouth. Let it be known that I soon convinced Stacy this was going to be a good or not we were going to conquer the knitting world! She didn't fall for it at first but after seeing the finished results casted on for her own cardigan.

The cardigan itself is a fairly simple construction but being new to knitting it was a challenge none-the-less as reading the pattern was like learning a foreign language. I chose the exact yarn intended for the pattern, Plymouth Yarn Encore Worsted Tweed in a beautiful shade of pale green. I've since then started the same pattern in a gorgeous pink baby alpaca I purchased at my local LYS. I think this pattern is definitely a keeper for a no fail closet staple! Happy Knitting Everyone!