A Serious Unraveling!

HELP!! Fix this unraveling mess! I can't even begin to tell you how upsetting it is to finally get the sleeves done on your sweater only to drop several stitches transferring the needles! Eek I thankfully was able to transfer some very tight stitches over to a larger needle however there are now several places where some of the stitching just couldn't be saved!

I will definitely be taking it to my nearest collection of knitting geniuses at the Woolie Ewe! They have helped me fix several disasters on my first sweater and I couldn't have been more thankful! I'm only hoping I didn't make too much of a mess that it can't be saved. Either way I will press on and a few involuntary button holes never hurt anyone!

More encouraging news can be announced! I've finally gotten the sleeves divided on my Spring Garden Tee!

It's an interesting piece to knit for a beginner but thankfully Marcia, my wonderful mother in law and expert knitter, is here to save the day! We have wonderful knitting dates where although she is all the way in Oklahoma and we are in Texas she can actually read us the pattern OVER THE PHONE. That's right over the phone, thank you technology! I know I know we should learn to read patterns too, but come on its a great excuse to get in some great company and enjoy the lovely craft of knitting! This way when she visits I can show her all the progress we've made together! Plus when my wonderful Hubby is gawking at all the yarn I have stashed Marcia and I can giggle at the monster she has created! ;) Yay for my favorite teacher!

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