Who me? Indulge....Absolutely!

I don't usually indulge but for our 30th birthday I decided I had to get my sister this beauty right here! ok ok and while I was at it I happened to accidentally order one for myself too! What? Can you blame me?

JaMpdx makes this beautiful bowl for your yarn. Let me tell you the pictures just don't do this amazing bowl justice. Its' soft lavender grey color makes for a beautiful addition to any knitters wish list! I found this wonderful shop on Etsy (you know the enabler of all things handmade and crafty) the artists you ask, Jenn and Meghan, two friends who create beautiful pieces that you can use every day, they sell much more than just yarn bowls so take a look around! Can you tell I'm a fan :) Plus its perfect for storing WIPs and keeping any naughty furkids from getting too familiar with your precious yarn balls...yes RILEY this means you!!

Speaking of...do any of your furkids get jealous of your knitting habits? Riley has taken to sitting on my knitting bag and when I do manage to pry it out from under him, he stares at me as if his sheer willpower will make the needles disappear! Oh how I love you Riley boy...don't you know mommy is knitting you a sweater?

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