The Festival of Fall

I love Texas but where is my sweater weather?!! I'm aching to wear big cozy sweaters...maybe a leg warmer or two!? With more and more knitting to be done I know I will have plenty of days to show off my beginner skills. After all additions to ones wardrobe are never a bad thing! Not to mention my favorite time of year FALL!!

It isn't just the beautiful weather or the fact that all my beginning projects as a knitter will finally get some great use. It's the the changing of the leaves and the vibrant colors, warm cups of coffee, the smell of a burning firewood against the cool weather, pumpkin patches and gatherings with family and friends. So many wonderful memories fill my senses! I remember as a child, even now, my family going to the local farmers market, tons of pumpkins, sweet corn, veggies galore and hay stacks towering tall above me. A child's dream come true! This year is no exception even though I am grown I still anticipate the coming seasons of holidays and cooler weather and I can't wait to relive my childhood spirit among the leaves! What are your favorite fall memories?

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