To Stash or Bust The Stash...That Is The Question!?

Being a newbie I don't have quite the stash that many of my fellow, more experienced knitters do but can't resist the goodness of a new yarn, ok maybe a few bundles of them...can you blame me? Every time I walk into my local LYS, I get the need to pick up as many yarns as possible, shelves of beautiful, colorful yarn staring back at me! I call it enabling! Ooh look how soft! What could I make with this?

It's as if I can’t remember that I bought new yarn last week, yesterday actually or that I have so many projects already going, how in the world could I need more yarn! I have reasoned with myself many times…no now look you just bought that delicious yarn…..

Blue Sky Alpaca Silk (Peacock)

to make your gorgeous new wrap...found here at Ravelry

You don’t need more yarn but but… it’s calling my name…never mind that you are on a yarn diet young lady! I admit….I bought more yarn….you know you did too! Even though we have so much yarn in our stashes a knitter can never resist the urge to yarn overdose! How big is your stash? I know mine is bursting at its creative seams!

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