Buddies You and Me....

As I watch my silly pup Riley and his buddy Milo (affectionately called Moose) romp around my living room I can't help but smile. Milo is definitely winning the tug-of-war (PS I'm so sorry your ear got ripped of Mr. Lamb) and Riley is doing his best to keep up!

Let me just tell you when your a mini Aussie and your playmate is a 70 lb beast ...no seriously a GSP...it can be a little tough to win the game. Oh but do we try! Riley's little paws are scrapping floor as he tugs and pulls. You would think it was a serious battle until you look over at Moose and he is just standing there not a care in the world gently holding the would be prize between his ginormous teeth!

Milo of course doesn't want the toy he only wants to play with his brother! Since Moose was a pup they've pretty much been inseparable! So sweet! I don't know if they would know what to do without their partner in crime!


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