Loose Ends...

It still completely amazes me how you can turn a ball of yarn into a sweater. It doesn't matter that I've already knitted this pattern not twice but three times folks! It's a top down cardigan and it was the first pattern I ever followed. This version is done in Plymouth, Baby Alpaca Ampato. The color is a rich jewel tone and absolutely stunning! It's knitting up beautifully and will no doubt keep me warm in the coming months.

I'm really looking forward to getting this one finished...seems like as a newbie it always takes me forever to finish anything I'm working on. Hopefully by mid-october I'll have binded this baby off and have it blocked and ready to wear soon!

I'm also working on a sweater...that I've been working on oh....for about 4 months now. I've procrastinated working on this and I'm not sure why? I think I'm in the mood to work on something that wouldn't take a whole year to finish!! It's beautiful and the detailing in the sleeves is going to be really gorgeous when its finished! I've just divided for the body am trucking along as I get the urge.

Pattern Found Here on Ravelry
The yarn I chose for this sweater is from the Louisa Harding Aimee line in a beautiful rich blue. It's been great to knit with and so far I really love the texture and drape of the sweater.

Happy Knitting!!

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