Rainy Days...

We've been catching up on rain these last few days in Dallas, TX and with that being said there has been plenty of time to catch up on some knitting time...er shopping...er stash busting. I spied these beautiful babies on sale at my LYS and thought they would make a gorgeous cardigan. It's hard to tell from the photos but it's a stunning shimmering steal grey.

I've heard through the grapevine that the yarn itself once knitted doesn't lay all that beautifully. I've also heard that a quick steam in the shower or by iron will straighten it right up!! This is good news seeing as how I've already fallen in love and haven't even begun deciding which pattern I'll be using yet! I've got a few options...but I'm really eyeing this delicate little thing...

Pattern Found Here on Ravelry

This will be an awesome cardigan to wrap up in when you find yourself slightly chilled but not cold enough to throw on a full blown sweater...this color is gorgeous as well, but alas I've already fallen in love with another...grey!

Happy Knitting Everybody!!


  1. Love that cardigan! Reminds me that I have all the yarn necessary (sitting in the bottom of a basket where I know right where it is even) to make myself a February Lady sweater...maybe after the holidays?

  2. Thanks for visiting Meryl! I'm totally in love with this sweater too! Perfect time of year to start casting on for us knitters!