I unsuspectingly asked my sis to help me find something to wear for my blind date that night!

"Oh yeah absolutely", she says "I think I even have a cute shirt for you to wear and while you're at it come pick up Riley I took him for a walk since you were gone."

I walk innocently through the door, turn to talk to my Rooster (aka Riley) when one very tall and sneaky Brother-In-Law scared the daylights out of me, "BOO!" while poking me in my shoulder from behind!

I agree Riley it scared the living daylights out of me! The scream that came from the depths within however caused hysterical laughter amongst my sister and her trickster husband Jim! They claimed I had no reaction from the outside other than screaming far longer than necessary! I disagree, I about fell to the floor...or froze depending on how you look at it! Still I think I said something about payback and crawled out the front door to the safety of my own home! ha! I will get them, and their horse dog too! I will now attempt to carry out this plan of soon as I think of something clever!

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