Swatching Report...

This Christmas while everyone is striving for a big finish in their gift knitting I will be swatching something for moi! :) I'm not brave enough or experienced enough to knit gifts for anyone...maybe in a few years when I have better technique. Right now, I'd only feel paranoid that whomever was on the receiving end would gape in horror as they opened their present thinking to themselves...this is it? Bahaha! Meanwhile I'd have spent hours upon hours working on thanks!! I salute all the brave knitters out there who give of their knitting...I personally would be honored by such a gift! So for now I am going to swatch for this beauty! For the yarn I'm using Lana Grossa Bolero in 014 Marin Blue.

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On another note, my MIL mama Marcia was in town and she has finished her squirrel sweater! GORGEOUS!! If I wasn't a well behaved and proper lady I might have snagged it right from her shoulders but alas, I adore her so I wouldn't do such a thing....would I? All joking aside it was amazing and she did a beautiful job on it!! I think it's my favorite of everything I've seen her do...however, I must add I've not seen her closet so I'm sure I could pick a number of beauties! Maybe one day I will tackle some colorwork and make my own set of squirrels.

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Marcia did hers in Classic Elite Vail in Grey...double stranded...softest yarn I've ever felt in my short lil life. If I never knit this cardigan I'm definitely knitting something else with this yarn!

Happy Christmas Knitting!! :)

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